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Introduction about "Swati Chawla"

Know your Expert Swati Dhingra Chawla, a Postgraduate in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics(Msc.), Certified Yoga Trainer and Certified Alternate Medicine Practioner (M. D) with 12 years of broad expertise working in the field of nutrition & dietetics in all aspects of nutritional counselling, health care and medical nutrition management. She always had a strong will to change people’s mind-set about health.

Been inspired by nature and its ability to magically transform us from within, she is humbled that upon looking back to the day she began as a dietician and say for certain that till date; she has been able to assist and help more than 5000 people with a holistic natural approach.

Helping you reconnect with yourself

Why Nutrition Garage

Nutrition Garage was born in 2019, a system with a mission to provide a real insight and educate common people about healthy eating and lifestyle habits with holistic approach of working towards physical, mental and emotional health.

12+ years Qualified & experienced (MSc. Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics), MD(Certified alternate Medicine practioner and (Certified Yoga trainer)

Transforming lifestyle across the globe all over domestic & International locations

Excels at lifestyle disorders

Personalised, non-restrictive diet & lifestyle plans

No exotic or expensive items, only homely food

No pills or supplements; only real food from your kitchen

Focus on nutrition, not just calorie counts

Improve your health. No ‘dieting’!

No marketing gimmicks

No false promises or guarantees. Focus on sustainability

Programs where you don’t feel like being on a ‘diet’

Maintenance plan included in every program

Family offers

Get treated as a family. Form a 2-way relationship

Support on call, chat & email: 9am – 8pm IST (Mon-Sat)

Weekly scheduled feedback sessions – diet & lifestyle coaching

You always get the best guidance

Our Clients Story

Nutrition Garage programs have impacted the lives of many people across the globe.
Our Nutrition Garage expert has been a catalyst in the transformation of so many clients’ eating habits, fitness levels and so on.